The Tula Kremlin

by Stas Rashov

We decided to go to Tula for the weekend, visiting various cities along the way (Chekhov, Serpukhov and other places).

In the morning we came to the square, there were few people, so we got good panoramas. The date of construction of the Kremlin is approximately 1510-20 years. He defended the road to Moscow, each tower had its purpose, they were not just armed and ready for defense (not without this), one served as a storehouse, the other had a secret underground passage for retreat, in the third they tortured. It is an interesting place and very beautiful, it is clear that a very good restoration has recently taken place, this is noticeable in the panoramas. In some places they haven’t finished yet, but I think everything will be ready by the summer of the 17th.

November 2016

Rossia, Tula, Mendeleevskaa ulica, 13A
Publish date: 11/10 2016
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on the square behind the Assumption Cathedral
in the arch between the bell tower and the Assumption Cathedral
Near the monument to Dmitry Donskoy
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