Expanses of Siberia

by Юрий Спасенников

All panoramas were taken in July in the south of the Tyumen region in the Uporovsky district. The shooting location is the villages of Leskova and Korkino, located on the right bank of the Tobol River.

Publish date: 08/04 2022
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360° panoramas of this virtual tour, page 1

PANO397 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X4Q+48 Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO398 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X6Q+6C Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO399 20x10 AffLabSrp

4X8R+33 Leskova, Tyumen region, Russia

PANO443 20х10 AffLabSrp

4X53+3G Polyakovskaya, Tyumen region, Russia

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