The adjacent territory of the Literary Quarter

by ССТ

The Literary Quarter is a unique residential complex located in the central part of the city at the perimeter of Shevchenko, Ostrovsky, Mayakovsky and Chekhov streets. Due to its architectural features and constructive and artistic solutions, it stands out against the general background of the urban development of Khanty-Mansiysk. You can be proud of the fact that you have purchased an apartment in an amazingly beautiful complex that will emphasize your individuality and exquisite taste.

Rossia, Hanty-Mansijskij avtonomnyj okrug, Hanty-Mansijsk, ulica Sevcenko, 8
Publish date: 11/24 2015
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View from the street. Shevchenko
Crossroads st. Shevchenko-Mayakovsky
View from the street. Shevchenko
Crossroads st. Shevchenko-Ostrovsky
View from the street. Ostrovsky
View of entrance №4
View on TP
View of entrance №3
View of entrance №2
View of entrance №1
View from the street. Mayakovsky
Parking space
Artificial turf
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