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Rossia, Sverdlovskaa oblast', Polevskoj trakt
Publish date: 05/11 2015
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Rezh from the station
Rezh from the station
Rezh with garages
Rezhevskaya Pond
Dir. The Bystraya River
Field near Lipovka
Rezhevskaya Pond
Rezhevskaya Pond
Rezhevskaya Pond
Rezhevskaya Pond (May 22, 2015)
Rezhevskaya Pond (May 22, 2015)
Dir. Square at the Eternal Flame (05/22/2015)
Monument of Labor and Combat Glory (Rezh, May 22, 2015)
May walk 2015 (suburb of Ekaterinburg)
Forest fields in Rezhevsky district
Pond of Kungurka village
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