Xiaomi MI 360°

360° panoramic camera

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera 4k allow to take a high-resolution photos (3840×2160) or shoot 4K 30fps videos--the equivalent of cinema-level quality. It has has a wide-angle lens with up to 145° vision at f/2.8 aperture, creating photos with strong depth and broader view; 6-axis electronic image stabilization; 2.4" touch screen.

360° panoramas

Honeymoon Park
PANO IMG 0904-2
View from the wheel 2
Dance in the banquet hall
Video and photo 360, 8-904-996-79-29
1 ok
IMG 20210724 121337ok
Park of Youth


Best 360 cameras for virtual tours in 2019

Overview, comparison of cameras for shooting in 360 panoramas with examples of panoramas and virtual tours. The main characteristics for comparison are the resolution / number of effective pixels / the ability to manually set the exposure, ISO / save to RAW.

What is a 360-degree panorama?

360-degree panorama (virtual 3D/VR tour) is one of the types of panoramic photography.