On the wild steppes of Transbaikalia

by Andrej Versinin
Virtual tour: Monument to a stroller on the shore of Lake Baikal. In the wild steppes of Transbaikalia, Where gold is dug in the mountains Tramp, cursing fate, Dragged with a bag on his shoulders. Fled from prison on a dark night In prison, he suffered for the truth. Go no further urine - Before him stretched Baikal. Tramp to Baikal fit, Fishing boat takes And the sad song gets, About the Motherland sings something. Tramp Baikal moved Towards dear mother. "Ah, hello, ah, hello, dear, Is my father and brother healthy? ” "Your father has long been in the grave, The earth is filled up, And your brother has long been in Siberia, It has long been shackled.
Shooting date: 01/13 2016
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