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Ingulets Bridge (Belelyubsky Bridge 1883) in Kryvyi Rih

To date, the bridge has not retained its original appearance. Destroyed during the Second World War, it was rebuilt for the movement of trains only in 1963. Only the coastal foundations remained from the original appearance, and new ones were built on the foundations of the old piers. In addition, a fifth additional support was built on the right bank of the Ingulets.

Access to the bridge is prohibited and there is a restricted area, which is fenced with barbed wire, there are warning signs. It is convenient to photograph and look at the bridge from a destroyed pumping station or from the coordinates specified in the heading.

During the construction of the Ekaterinovskaya railway in 1883, a bridge was built across the Ingulets River. In terms of its linear dimensions (height - 40 meters, the length between the shore abutments - 308 meters), the bridge is, though not a record, but rather extraordinary for the end of the XIX century. The designer and creator of the bridge is Nikolai Apollonovich Belelyubsky - an outstanding scientist and engineer of the end of the XIX century.

Publish date: 04/26 2017
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