by Roman Grinev
Ruins of Schaaken Castle. The first of the three floors that once stood here. Judging by the surviving elements of the shell, we can conclude that there was a kitchen here.
Central Street, 43, Nekrasovo, Kaliningrad region, Russia, 238316
Shooting date: 11/15 2014
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Schaaken Castle

ul. Central'naa, 42, Nekrasovo, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 236008

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    John Smith
  • 12/23 2019
    Roman Grinev

    Sergey, excellent, I wish you success!

    Translated from Russian
  • 12/23 2019
    Sergej Tierra

    Thanks, I’ll try to understand the program)

    Translated from Russian
  • 12/21 2019
    Roman Grinev

    These panoramas were stitched at Kolor Autopano. The company developing this program no longer exists. Now, as far as I know, one of the most popular programs for gluing panoramas is PTGui

    Translated from Russian
  • 12/20 2019
    Sergej Tierra

    Good afternoon, Roman! In which program do you glue panoramas?

    Translated from Russian

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