04/24 2024

How to set up spherical panorama autorotation?

For each panorama in a virtual tour or for an individual panorama, you can configure autorotation parameters such as rotation speed, acceleration, horizon height and angle of view, and the waiting time before starting autorotation.

Roman Grinev

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To set your own auto rotation settings in a panorama or virtual tour:

  1. Switch to panorama or virtual tour editing mode.
  2. Click the "Settings" button to go to the panorama settings. The autorotation parameters will be in the panorama autorotation section.
  3. Change the required parameters. In order to see how they affect autorotation, you need to exit the edit mode.
  4. When you see that the autorotation is working as needed, save the settings so that the autorotation parameters are saved and become available the next time you open the panorama.

So you can use the following auto-rotation parameters.

  1. Waiting time. This parameter allows you to specify the number of seconds of user inactivity before starting the auto rotation.
  2. Spin Acceleration lets you specify the speed, in degrees per second, that accelerates spins to achieve rotation.
  3. Panorama rotation speed in degrees per second. A negative speed value indicates that the panorama is rotated in the opposite direction.
  4. Horizon level in degrees - the level at which the panorama will rotate. This parameter is useful when you need to set up auto-rotation at airports, for example.
  5. The angle of view in degrees - set the angle of view or field of view. You can specify between 30 and 180 degrees.

An example of a virtual tour with changed auto-rotation settings.

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