04/22 2024

Search for a photographer of virtual tours on a map

How to find a 3D tour photographer on a world map? How to place information about my services as a photographer and a panoramic photography professional on our map?

Roman Grinev



Search for a photographer of virtual tours on a map

Find a 3D Tour Photographer on a World Map

There is a map available on TrueVirtualTours website on which anyone can find a virtual tour photographer or a professional specializing in other activities related to panoramic photography, interior design, etc. Just open the map and select the photographer specialization you are interested in.

How to add get listed on the map?

Are you a photographer or a professional in panoramic photography, interior design? Add yourself to the appropriate section of the map.

  1. Go to profile settings.
  2. Indicate your location on the world map.
  3. Add photographer services tags, such as Google Street View, 3D Virtual Tours, Interior Photography, etc.

A complete list of services that are searched can be found on this page. If you did not find your type of activity in the list of services, you can add your own tag. Later it can be entered a list of services and will also be available in the search.

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