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Sor Tuzbair is located in the Eastern part of the Ustyurt Western Chink, south of the Manat ascent and a few kilometers from the Aktau-Atyrau highway. This is a place of amazing beauty that combines the whiteness of salt marsh and steep cliffs, the...
Kazahstan, Mangistauskaa oblast', Mangistauskij rajon


The gorge is located 5 km from the coast of the Caspian Sea, on the Tyub-Karagan peninsula. Chalk cliffs, and at the bottom of a dried up bed there is a green grove with huge old trees. One would like to descend on a sheer mountain in order to get...
Kazahstan, Mangistauskaa oblast', Tupkaraganskij rajon


Hollow Karynzharyk is located in the southwestern part of the Mangystau region in Kazakhstan. Its bottom covers the longest Kenderli litter in the Mangistau region. The raisin of the Kenderly salt marsh is five residual mountains, rising more than...
Kazahstan, Mangistauskaa oblast', Karakianskij rajon, soloncaki
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