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Castle Brandenburg - ruined remains of the castle of the Teutonic Order in the village of Ushakovo (until 1946 Brandenburg) in the Guryevsky district of the Kaliningrad region. Located on the shores of the Kaliningrad (Vistula) Bay in the mouth of...
ul. Podgornaa, 2a, Usakovo, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 238322
Roman Grinev


Frombork Castle, Poland. Cathedral, the tower of Copernicus. The fortress wall with the Copernicus tower
Kopernika 4, 14-530 Frombork, Pol'sa
Roman Grinev


Night virtual tour of Malbork Castle - the best preserved large castle in Poland.
Pol'sa, Pomorskoe voevodstvo, gorod Mal'bork
Roman Grinev


Gvardeisk - a city with more than 700 years of history. The city is notable for the fact that the medieval castle of Tapiau, which was first mentioned in 1258, is located on its territory. Now the castle is used as a prison. A virtual tour of...
pl. Pobedy, 10, Gvardejsk, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 238210
Roman Grinev


Medieval castle hotel! Hotel location: In a picturesque area near Kaliningrad, 15 km from Khrabrovo airport. And numbers from 2800 rubles a day.
Central'nyj per., 7, Orlovka, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 238324
Roman Grinev


Balga was a medieval castle of the Teutonic Knights in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The castle ruins are located on the shore of the Vistula Lagoon, north of Mamonovo in the Pogranichny municipality of Bagrationovsky District, about 30 km (19 mi)...
Unnamed Road, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 238450
Roman Grinev


This is one of the best preserved castles of the Kaliningrad region. Here we had to visit various expositions. Probably the main attraction of the Waldau Castle is the wine cellar. Here wine and beer were produced in large quantities. An...
Kaliningradskaa ul., 20, Nizov'e, Kaliningradskaa obl., Rossia, 238313
Roman Grinev
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