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kujawsko-pomorskie | Vitrual tour

Number of panoramas: 24
Creators: Roman Grinev


Extensively designed JuraPark in Solec Kujawski (33 km from Toruń) is home to over 100 models of dinosaurs which used to live in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. They are arranged chronologically along the educational path.
Sportowa 2, 86-050 Solec Kujawski, Pol'sa
Roman Grinev


Walking through the narrow streets of the old town in Torun, Poland
Podmurna 74, 87-100 Torun, Pol'sa
Roman Grinev


Hotel Filmar in the magnificent city of Torun in Poland. It is located near the old town and also 30 km from the city of Solec, where there is a children's dinosaur park.
Grudziadzka 45, 87-100 Torun, Pol'sa
Roman Grinev
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