Canon EF 15mm f / 2.8

Lens for 360° panorama

The Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens is a sharp prime that produces a 180° angle of view for intriguing effects. It is, however, noisy when autofocusing and not suitable for video. With a full frame camera, you will get a lot of intentional barrel distortion. You may also experience vignetting. On a crop frame camera, this is a great super wide lens suitable for event shooting. The fast maximum aperture is handy in low light. This lens is ideal for events, landscape, interiors, cityscapes and other urban settings, and night sky photography.

Virtual tours 360°

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X52X+G4 Mizinovo, Moskovskaa oblast', Rossia

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V4M9+66 Zvezdnyj Gorodok, Moskovskaa oblast', Rossia