08/21 2017

on the shore of Lake Onega

Virtual Tour: Russian North. Andomsky geological section (Andoma-mountain) - the south-western edge of the Great Andomian Upland, section of Devonian sediments. Andoma-mountain originated from the movement of the glacier and is a glaciodislocation [2]. The absolute height is about 85 meters. Located on the shores of Lake Onega, on the territory of the Andomsky rural settlement of the Vytegorsky District of the Vologda Region. Andoma Mountain is composed of multi-colored, red, green, purple sandstones and sands to which clay and marl are subordinated, and deserves attention both on the remains of fossilized trees, and in particular on Devonian shellfish; in places among clay sands, entire interbedded remains of Holoptychius nobilissimus, Asterolepis omata and other armored fishes are seen. The age of sediment is 360-420 million years. Andomskaya Gora is a geological monument of nature, a specially protected natural area of federal status. The number of tourists in the summer reaches up to 500 people a day. Tourists leave rubbish behind them, and sometimes they become poachers. by Yashchenko Yury, 08/20/2017 year
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