03/31 2017

The Museum

Virtual tour: Museum "KARAT". The mineralogical museum "Karat" of school No. 16 of the city of Grodno, Belarus was opened in January 2001. The main fund of the museum is 617 exhibits. The museum exhibits samples of minerals and rocks, delivered by young geologists from a school of 13 geological expeditions to the Polar, Northern, Middle, Southern Urals, Kola Peninsula, Crimea, Southern Baikal and Transbaikalia regions, as well as donated by the museum’s director Zhdanyuk V .BUT. Twenty windows showcases: rock-forming, non-metallic, metal, non-ferrous, decorative minerals and rocks, as well as products created by students of the studio-studio for artistic stone processing "Karat".
14000x2712, 38.0MP
SS 16 g. Grodno
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    John Smith

Museum "KARAT" | Vitrual tour

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