03/15 2017

Exposition, first floor

Virtual tour: Ilyinsky local history museum. Ilyinsky Local Lore Museum was opened in 1921. The basis of the museum’s collections were items collected by employees of the Stroganovs' headquarters throughout the 19th century. - F. A. Volegov, A. E. and F. A. Teploukhov. Already in 1856, the archaeological collection consisted of more than 7 thousand items. To this day, the studies of the Teploukhovs on the ethnography of Russians and Permian Komis, the work of the botanist P.V. Suzyev, have not lost their significance. Unfortunately, the museum funds suffered greatly during World War II, when part of its original collections disappeared, and in the early 1950s. totaled 800 storage units. Since the 1970s The collection of the museum received old-printed and hand-written books, and the ethnographic collection was re-assembled. Part of the archaeological collections of the Teplouhovs and the Stroganovsk Orel-town (XVI - XVII centuries) were transferred from the Perm State University. Now the main fund of the museum is 15 thousand units. The most interesting collections are the archaeological (part of the Teploukhov collection, the St. George's treasure), the collection of Old Russian painting and the works of the Ilinsky icon-painting workshop. The peculiarity of the artistic culture of the region is represented by works of serf painters of the XVIII-XIX centuries. An indispensable written source for studying the activities of the “famous people of the Stroganovs”, the history and economy of Kama region in the 16th-20th centuries. - materials of the patrimonial archive of the Perm estate of the Stroganovs, which constitute the documentary fund of the museum. In the ethnographic collection presents samples of folk embroidery and weaving. Original and in its own way unique collection of peasant painting on wood "Obvinskaya rose" nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The peculiarity of the museum collection is the “collection” of song folklore of the Ilinsky district. The museum is located in the building of the former main office of the Perm estate of the Stroganovs (an architectural monument of the beginning of the 19th century). In 1990, the exhibition hall of the museum was opened.
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Ильинский краеведческий музей

Ilyinsky Museum of Local Lore | Vitrual tour

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