03/22 2019

Diaorama in the Peik Chin Myaung cave

One of the many dioramas in the Buddhist cave at Peik Chin Myaung. "The cave is a limestone and estimated between 230 million and 310 million years old. The cave is so called as plenty of Peik Chin plants used to grow there. The entrance of the Peik Chin Myaung cave is about 20 ft wide and 1,600 ft long. The long cave is filled with so many Buddha images and pagodas in various sizes and position at every corners and niches. Inside the cave are many underground springs flowing from different directions. Many stalactites and others in the shape of chandeliers have formed as water seeped and dropped from rocks and limestone."
10000x5000, 50.0MP
Shan, Myanmar (Burma)
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    John Smith
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