06/30 2022

Results of the competition for the best works

The results of the competition for the best works from July to September 2020.



7 photographers took part in the competition, which can be seen in the section Photographers / Experts on this page. Here is a list of the nominated works.

Best Virtual Tour

Best panorama

Best article

Any user of the site can speak up and vote for the best work in each category by 10:00 pm on October 7 (Pacific Standard Time), when the winners are announced here. In the comments write the nomination and what work you vote for.


Best Virtual Tour - Polytechnic University "HTWG Konstanz". The possibilities of the virtual tour are used to the maximum.

Best panorama - Cigar room in a nice house. Most professionally performed work.

Best article - Shooting spherical panoramas with a DSLR / mirrorless camera.

Congratulations to the winners! The authors of these works will be credited with 50 coins to the account. Other best works will be marked the best and published in the public sections of the site. Thanks!

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