We are working to create an API to easily create websites hosting virtual tours and spherical panoramas. In this regard, we offer you to create a website on the TrueVirtualTours platform on your own domain under very favorable conditions. The website is being developed in conjunction with Grinev Software.

Order the creation of a website on the TrueVirtualTours site on your own domain

Website Features

  • A responsive high-performance website with responsive design, developed using modern frameworks such as ReactJs and Bootstrap.
  • A website optimized for search engines Google, Bing.
  • A content management system based on the TrueVirtualTours engine. All content can be edited through the control panel. No programming knowledge required.
  • Website files are hosted on a separate server/hosting. Virtual tours, panoramas, images are hosted on S3 AWS servers, which provides quick access to them.
  • Website design based on one of the Advanced Bootstrap Templates.

Website Type

A proposal to create a website can be interesting for any company whose business is connected with virtual tours and spherical panoramas. Examples:

  • A portfolio website for a photographer, visualizer designer
  • Real Estate Agency Website
  • City portal

Website sections*

  • Home page
  • Portfolio / Services / Products / Works
  • News / Articles
  • Contact / Feedback Form

Cost and development and implementation

  • The average cost of creating such a site is $ 2500.
  • Hosting a site - $ 10 / month (or your own hosting).
  • Domain registration from $ 0.
  • The development period is 28 calendar days **.
  • The conclusion of the contract. Payment to PayPal account.

Special offer to create a site

Until April 30, 2020:

  • Post a link to this offer on your page in one of the social networks for at least 1 month.
  • Refill your account balance with 50 or 100 coins.
  • Write "I Participate" in the commentary on this article.
  • You are guaranteed to get the opportunity to create a site on the TrueVirtualTours platform for only $500 (including $ 50 per site template) + your website hosting for 1 year as a gift.
  • One of the participants of the action chosen at random will get the opportunity to create such a site for only $100 !

* The possibility of implementing specific sections of the site are discussed additionally. Ask us your questions through the messaging service.
** The start of work on a project may be delayed in case of a large number of applications. Applications will be executed in order of priority, depending on the date of receipt.

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