07/04 2022

Changes to TrueVirtualTours Rates

[Updated on 1/17/2022] We are glad to announce that in connection with the development of the TrueVirtualTours platform and the transfer of panoramas to the AWS S3 cloud storage, it was decided to make a number of changes designed to simplify the work with the site and make it faster and more accessible!

Roman Grinev

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Reasons for change

Many users wrote that the payment system for individual functions on TrueVirtualTours is quite complex and confusing. Indeed, there are now several dozen different functions on the site for each of which a certain number of coins are debited.

Another problem was that there are hundreds of users on the site, who posted from 3 to 30 or more for free, which, for various reasons, had not been viewed for more than 1 year! These panoramas take up paid space on AWS S3 servers, which could be used for your works that are more interesting to users.

Due to the large volume of files, we do not use the fastest AWS S3 storage for storing panoramas. This causes increases the time it takes to open panoramas. It turns out that active users pay for panoramas posted for free which is not right.

Changes in tariffs are dictated by these reasons and the desire to further develop and improve the service.

Quality, availability and, simplicity

Accessibility and simplicity are what we were guided by. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to use the platform for free. At the same time, our goal is to have more high-quality work on TrueVirtualTours. Therefore, the decision was made:

  1. Give all site users the opportunity to use all the site's functionality without separate payment for each option.
  2. Remove payment for placing high-resolution panoramas.
  3. Provide free guaranteed placement of panoramas for 3 months and unlimited placement with an active subscription "Standard" and above.
  4. Provide unlimited placement of panoramas and other works of users who have received the "Best" sign with a "Start" subscription.

It's that simple! You will no longer need to pay separately for each site feature. Free placement of panoramas is guaranteed - 3 months or unlimited by subscription Standard and higher.

Hosting virtual tours and panoramas: subscriptions

Planned to add the following tariff plans: Free, Start, Professional. The following screenshots show what features will be available in each of the tariff plans **. The cost of 1 coin will be changed from $ 0.33 per coin to $ 1, that is, one TrueVirtualTours coin will cost $ 1. The amendments should take effect on or around January 31, 2022. All coins purchased before the change date will be saved for users, so now you still have the opportunity to buy TrueVirtualTours coins with a discount of almost 67%!

Procedure for implementing changes

The changes will be gradually implemented over the next 3-5 months from October 1, 2021. The list of planned works is available in our Trello channel at this link:


Please write if you have questions or suggestions for the planned work.
* The estimated cost is given.
** Features subject to change.

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    John Smith
  • 09/17 2021
    Roman Grinev

    Greetings! Thanks for the comment. As already mentioned, the changes will be gradually introduced to the site within 3-5 months (and maybe even faster) starting from 1st October 2021. We will try to report all significant changes on this site in the Site Updates section and in our VKontakte and Facebook groups.

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  • Hello Roman!
    I'm new to the site, I still don't know a lot. I read about the planned changes. I have a question about a subscription. Where and how this can be done, in particular, I would like to subscribe to "Standard".

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Site updates

Soundtrack virtual tour / panorama

One of the possibilities of the TrueVirtualTours service is the ability to add sound accompaniment both for the virtual tour in general and for individual panoramas.

New functionality on the site

New functionality of virtual tours and spherical panoramas has been added to the site: text information points, polygons, video upload to an information point, and much more.

Info point window size

When you click on an information point, you can show a dialog box (four sizes are available), open a link, or show information in full screen.

The ability to hide the logo and control buttons in the panorama

Added the ability to hide the logo and control buttons in the panorama.

How to align the horizon of a spherical panorama?

"What is crooked cannot be made straight" said the wise King Solomon, and yet we will try to make straight the horizon and vertical lines of the "crooked" spherical panorama. Correction of the horizon of the S-shaped horizon of the panorama.

How to set up spherical panorama autorotation?

For each panorama in a virtual tour or for an individual panorama, you can configure autorotation parameters such as rotation speed, acceleration, horizon height and angle of view, and the waiting time before starting autorotation.

How to animate a panoramic photo

Some users to whom I sent links to view panoramic photos could not at first figure out how to properly rotate the panorama around me, or at first did not realize that the wheel could zoom in or out the scene.  For such cases, the True Virtual Tours website has a Video Editor feature. In case of its application, before the user who opened the panorama by the link, the script of the "flyby" invented by you immediately starts. That is, the camera rotates or focuses as you yourself previously configured. Thus, you helped our customer to quickly examine the space around "himself" in a panoramic picture and at the same time encouraged him to think that he could perform the same actions with the help of the mouse buttons or the wheel.